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We make sure that every detail is taken care of and matches the needs and wants of our client.

We offer a variety of printing services for customised and/or ready-made shirts including Heat Press, Silkscreen, Embroidery and Dye-sublimation to fit in different design needs & result.

Services | Delipixel
Services | Delipixel
  • Silkscreen

    Silkscreen Printing is a printing technique which uses an ink-blocking stencil to push ink through a woven mesh or screen made of silk. Silkscreen is ideally suited for bold and graphic designs. Either by cut-outs or by an impermeable material, the liquid only transfers to the areas the screen permits, allowing for better customization. Moreover, silkscreen printing is a labour-intensive process, therefore there will be a minimum order quantity required. Silkscreen is great for a large-scale print runs and yet cost effective.

    Delivery Time : 7-14 Working Days (Ready Made ) / 4-8 Working Weeks (Custom Made)
    Minimum Order Requirement : 100ps above

  • Embroidery

    Embroidery is a sewing method that is generally utilised to create custom logos, monograms, and patterns through the means of “fills” and stitches. Basically, thread is stitched into your custom product to create the desired pattern or design. This technique is best for printing your logo to the chosen apparels to create truly authentic clothing.

    Delivery Time : 7-14 Working Days (Ready Made ) / 4-8 Working Weeks (Custom Made)
    Minimum Order Requirement : 50ps above

  • Heat-press

    Heat-press printing applies custom designs to apparels by utilising a process that combines heat and pressure. Also known as iron-on transfer, heat is applied to print images or pictures onto a cloth. The advantage of heat press printing is that there is a lesser MOQ required, making it the best option for unique and customised apparels with small amount of orders.

    Delivery Time : 7-14 Working Days (Ready Made ) / 7-12 Working Weeks (Custom Made)
    Minimum Order Requirement : 20ps above / 100ps above

  • Sublimation

    Sublimation printing is a types digital printing method, by transferring a digital design from sublimation paper onto a fabric or material by using high pressure and high heat. It is technically similar with the Heat Transfer printing process. But sublimation printing allows to print in larger size area. No longer limits in only A3 size or A4 size. However this printing method only suitable for polyester or polyester blend materials, 100% cotton materials or other natural materials are not able to absorb the ink.

    The best materials to use for sublimation printing is polyester & microfibre. It creates high-quality designs. The print that is produced by sublimation will not fade or peel, unlike other designs that are printed. When the ink is absorbed from the fabric itself, instead of act as a layer on top of the fabric like normal Heat press printing. From times to time, the layer could be fade, spoilt or peeling. Sublimation shirt printing able to wash as many times without the worry of colours fades. This printing is popular among Sportswear & Fashion Industries.

    Delivery Time :  4-8 Working Weeks (Only Custom Made Available)
    Minimum Order Requirement : 100ps above

  • Hybrid Print

    Hybrid printing is the latest technological trend of digital printing on garments. The Digital print head allows us to print detailing graphic & photorealistic images with vivid colours. In comparison, Hybrid printing is faster than Direct to Garment Printing where it’s screens the white under-base first and digitally printing CMYK. This is great for higher quality types of printing and a faster production time. Suitable on short print runs. Hybrid digital printing is also a great option for packaging and label printing.

    Delivery Time : 7-14 Working Days (Ready Made ) / 4-8 Working Weeks (Custom Made)
    Minimum Order Requirement : 50ps above / 100ps above

    Hybrid Print

Unsure which method is the best option for your design? Feel free to talk to our consultants.